Have you ever made fun of someone or taunted them?  Made them feel hurt, or alone?  Ever bully anyone?

Hey Arnold has always been a favorite show of mine.  I decided to re-watch some of my favorite episodes and this one made me think of a couple of things.

The first had to do with Kingdom Hearts (Of course)  I was just thinking about Xion and Roxas and the “ice cream scene”.  The one where Xion is disappearing and Roxas asks “who else will I have ice cream with?” The thoughts of being truly alone are unfathomable to me.  I’ve been blessed with such great friends and great family that being teased was never too big of an issue.  Anyways.  The connection between Pigeon man and his loneliness was similar to Roxas.  Pigeon man’s only friends were his pigeons.  These were the only living creatures he could trust.  Until he met Arnold…. Which comes to my second thought.

People.  Just the judgement on how some people act was very strong.  I was amazed at the simplicity of how a man who is extremely hobo like can create such a strong statement that possibly influenced many young kids.  Without analysis.  It just seems like a hobo who hangs around with pigeons is a nice guy.  But in reality.  It’s a man who tries to escape the society that looked down on him for being “different”.  And this difference shut him away on the roof of a building leaving kids to create rumors and stories on how terrifying he is.  

Live free. Let nothing hold you back.

Greg Hansen

Just trying to survive like everyone else on Earth

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